Our Products

Bath Oil

Looking for that spa-like experience? 

Our bath oil  in a warm bath helps the skin lock in that moisture, glow & freshness. The mood you set relies on your choice of scent. what kind of scent  would you invent?

Bath Bomb

Let our bath bombs dissolve & fill your bathroom with the captivating scent to help ease the mind, forget the stress of daily life; and all while you rejuvenate your senses.

Set the mood right & create your own scent!

Beard Oil

With your choice of fragrance our certified organic beard oil will help tame your beard and maintain that luxurious feel & shine throughout the day. What scent will you represent?

Body Mist

A light touch of your favorite scent blend; with a couple of graceful spritz throughout your day will sustain the scent. What scent do you have in mind?

Body Oil

Our bath and body oil will leave your skin soft and silky without leaving a greasy residue. 

Body Wash

 Gentle for sensitive skin & adding your personal fragrance will leave you fresh and hydrated throughout the day.


Body Whip

It will leave your skin soft & moisturized throughout the day.


Brick of soap

For a thorough yet gentle cleansing. 

Lip Kits

Our lip kit which comes with a sugar-based scrub, a handy scoop and an all-natural lip balm perfect for chapped or dehydrated lips.


Our lotion locks in moisture, keeps you smelling fresh through out the day.

Smooth on skin leaving skin soft and silky without a greasy residue.

Massage Oil

Our massage oil has all-natural certified organic sunflower, olive, jojoba, safflower oil, and vitamin E. After adding your desired Fragrance/essential oils, it will leave your skin soft and silky without leaving a greasy residue.


With a lovely mixture of essential oils & fragrance, our roll-on is a oil based perfume or cologne that is great for carrying a pocket-sized fragrance! Roll-ons are great for refreshing your scent throughout the day.

Sugar Scrubs

  Our lavish sugar scrub is a blend made up of your very own signature fragrance & organic properties. Our scrub will exfoliate your skin and leave you feeling silky smooth and moisturized.

Home Warming Oils

Pour our warming oils into your wax tart warmer or steam diffuser to scent your home or office.