Baby Powder

Our classic favorite! This scent of baby powder gives you that lovable scent of baby without the chemicals of store brand baby oil.

Enticing Floral

An enticing scent indeed! Lush florals mixed with black currants, citrus, and a touch of vanilla.

Lavender Breeze

Our favorite blend of lavender & citrus.

Lavender Fields

Love lilac and lavender? this blend is for you

Lush Garden

A luscious blend of freesia and crisp florals.

Prisoner of Dreams

A romantic blend of white musk, fresh flowers, &  peppered vanilla.

Rose Petal

Our favorite rose blend includes fresh roses and bright citrus.

Soft Lilac

A simple and  soft blend of Lilac flowers.

Spring Garden

Our favorite floral bouquet of freesia, blossoms and fresh orchids.

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