About Us

Owner Cindy Dassinger at table of bath, body and home products.

Founder & CEO

Rarely do people literally “stop and smell the roses,” but Scented Studio® founder Cindy Dassinger Vasilas has always had a passion for scent. The kind of person who smells each bite of food before she eats, Cindy has a unique appreciation for the beauty of the smells that surround her.

When scent became intriguing to her in high school, she started a collection of exclusive fragrances. In a quest to experience the joy of scent, her passion led her to create an environment where both men and women could explore the world of fragrance. 

Scented Studio® has been providing custom fragrance services in Colorado since 2011.

Tray of Fragrance Oils

What We Do

We are a custom fragrance boutique dedicated to creating signature scents. Not only do we create perfumes and colognes, we also fragrance bath, body and home products in #yourscentyourway.

 Here at Scented Studio®, we use only the highest quality fragrant and essential oils, over 500, shipped in from all around the world. 

Our bath and body products are free of parabens, sulfates, aluminum, and phthalates. All of our products are lovingly tested on employees & their significant others.

Hoss, the Scented Studio Dog

Hoss, The Scent Dog

At Scented Studio®, we have our very own greeter who meets all the customers at the door with a friendly wag! Hoss is a Yellow Labrador with a heart of gold. He is a big boy, but a gentle giant, extremely friendly and loves everyone’s company! Hoss loves to go on walks and keep customers company as we create their products. He is quite the popular fellow, follow him on twitter @Hoss_Scented101..