A beauty-full blend indeed! Enjoy a mix of wedding bouquets, playful fruits, and nectarine blossom.

Berry Blush

Blissful berries, black raspberries, and floral vanillas will make you blush for this berry great scent!


A delightful blend of creamy coconut and island mango.

Coconut Explosion

An explosive combination of vanilla with coconut.

Fruit Fizz

A bubble  fruit  blend of fizzy fruits raspberry, and vanilla.


Feel the calm rush through you with this invigorating blend of sweet melons, vanilla, whit tea, and fruit berries.


Melon Madness

A dewey blend of mango's berries and tea, cucumber melon, and a touch of rain.

Moonlit Wonderland

A wonderland  of scents! This is one of our most complex blends including Egyptian musk, green tea, hibiscus, fresh peach, honeysuckle, warm amber, vanilla, raspberry, freesia, and sandalwood.

Pink Passion

A sweet medley of pink

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