Beach Please

A beach theme for the beach lover!  seductive fruit, island mango breeze, and a touch of Tahiti.


Enjoy a blend of soft jasmine and beach sands.


A brisk blend of refreshing waters, mediterranean breezes, and a touch of masculinity.

Crazy sunset

Dive deep into the sun with warm sand and fresh waters.

Egyptian Rain

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Hawaiian Bliss

Take a trip to Hawaii with the scents of coconuts, bananas, and suntan lotion.

Mountain Meadows

One of our most  popular unisex blends is this combination of citrus, rain, and jasmine.

Satin Sheets

Use this blend of scented  laundry and clean water on your linens or clothes.

Seaside Bliss

By the sea!  Enjoy a beach breeze on an island while smelling orange blossoms, and drinking a mango tea.

Sweet Storm

A refreshing blend of red currant, thyme, forest rain, and vanilla.

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