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Custom Fragrance is our Specialty!

At Scented Studio, our passion is helping customers find their perfect scent and new favorite fragrance. 

We have found a way to make custom fragrance available to all of the U.S. 

You can Create a Custom Fragrance online through a series of questions. Based on your answers, we will blend 3 different fragrances in the form of an oil based perfume/cologne. You can wear these separately or layer them together to your liking. Once you choose your favorite mixture, we can put it into any of our Home, Bath, & Body Products. We keep all formulas on file to make sure you always have your fragrance!

If you've already got an Existing Custom Fragrance, you can re-order any product in that scent, and we can ship it out to you, as well! Whether it's the last fragrance you created or one from the past, we've got it on file under your name for your convenience.