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Party Agreement

Customer Name: ______________________________________________

Event Date: _________________________________________________

Who Party is For: _____________________________________________

What Is Being Celebrated: _______________________________________

Email Address & Phone Number: _________________________________

This Booking Agreement highlights our rules. It is your responsibility to read, understand, and agree to the terms of the entire Booking Agreement before finalizing reservation.

Reservation/Use of Property

- You must be at least 18 years old to make reservation.
- Use of property must be consistent with the intended purpose of your reservation.
- You assume full responsibility for the use of the property by you and your guests.
- You may not exceed the occupancy levels. Event room seats 24 people. Maximum occupancy for space is 75 people.
- Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult guest at all times.

Prohibited Activities

The following is a summary of activities you may NOT DO in any part of our facility:

- Use of tobacco of any kind within 25 feet from the building.
- No Smoking outside of front door, ask for designated smoking area.
- Possess or use explosives or fireworks (sparklers outside are fine.)
- Possess, use, distribute, or sell illegal drugs.
- Possess or use weapons.
- Engage in any fighting
- Post, advertise, view, or transmit pornographic, indecent, or sexually explicit materials.
- Promote or participate in lewdness, indecency, nudity, or other sexual behavior.
- Engage in gambling.
- Bring any animal onto the property, except for service animals (such as guide dogs.)
- Move or rearrange store fixtures, furniture, or other items or removable personal property. - Damage fixtures, furnishings, furniture, or other items on the property.


The rental fee of $100.00 (room rental and tax) must be paid in full to secure a reservation, unless another payment method has been arranged. Each additional half hour beyond the 2-hour rate is an additional $50.00. A minimum purchase of $19.95 per person is required.

Payment Notes

Cancellations and No Refund Policy:

Scented Studio does not issue refunds. If you cancel your reservation more than 5 days before the reservation date, Scented Studio shall issue a credit for the rental fee. If you cancel within 2 days from reservation date, you forfeit the rental fee.

Alcohol Policy:

Scented Studio does allow alcohol into the facility, however certain rules apply:

  • -  Scented Studio does allow customers to bring in their own alcohol.

  • -  Beer and Wine ONLY.

  • -  Scented Studio does not allow guests to carry glass bottles, they must be poured into plastic


  • -  Scented Studio does NOT allow kegs.

  • -  Scented Studio does NOT allow shots.

  • -  Guests CANNOT go outside with drinks in hand.

  • -  If you have any questions concerning your particular event, please contact Scented Studio.

    Food Policy:

    Scented Studio allows customers to bring in outside food and beverage. However, Scented Studio is not liable for any food related issues such as food poisoning, injuries due to preparing/serving food, or any other issues that relates to any type of food or beverage.


    With decor, Scented Studio embraces all cultures and styles. Most decorations are allowed however, there are a few rules that need to be followed.

    • -  Candles must be inside a sturdy container that is capable of catching the melting wax.

    • -  Scented Studio does NOT allow confetti, free floating glitter, or silly string ofany kind.

    • -  Scented Studio does not allow fog machines because they set off the fire alarm.

    • -  Anything brought in that has a tendency to scratch floors, such as iron, must have felt

         attached to the bottom.

    • -  Hanging things on the wall is permitted, however, customers must use painter’s tape, and are

         responsible for peeling all the tape off.

    • -  Scented Studio is not responsible for the damage or loss of any decorations brought in by the


      Customer Property:

      You assume all risk of damage to your property while at Scented Studio.


      You and your guests use the property at your own risk, and assume all risk with respect thereto. For complete details of release, indemnification, limitations of liability and other legal considerations.

      Signature _____________________________ Date ______________________

Signature _____________________________ Date ______________________