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Cherry Creek North  |  Phone: 303.333.3315  


 Welcome to Scented Studio, the ultimate do-it-yourself fragrance experience. We make it easy for you to create your very own custom fragrance — a scent made for you, by you!


There are 4 different ways you can Experience Scented Studio®: 

The Scented Journey® Workshop: 


At our workshop, you'll explore the journey of the art of modern perfume making along with creating a Custom Perfume/Cologne. 

           By appointment only.  


 One-On-One Signature Perfume/Cologne Experience:


Use your creativity to capture the essence of the real you during this VIP experience. 

         Appointments appreciated, but not necessary.


 Customized Home, Bath & Body Products: 

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Come in (or click the Create a Custom Fragrance tab) to create a scent that you've been dreaming of! 


Scented Studio Private Party:

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 This is ideal for birthday's, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, kids’ parties, or any other special occasion. Your guests will truly get the ultimate DIY fragrance experience!  Click on the image for more information!

By Appointment Only



Be your own celebrity and create a fragrance that is the essence of you! Your fragrance will be exclusively your own! Our fragrance experiences are as fun for men and kids, as they are for women! No matter which option you choose, you’ll enjoy every minute in our beautiful studio—and you’ll love your own fragrance masterpiece.